Nothing is more important than your Independence!


Independence offers a wide range of new opportunities and a multitude of benefits.

Year after year, a growing number of professionals in the Canadian financial services industry choose Independence.

And each year, more and more of them choose the PEAK Financial Group. As leader among fully Independent Dealers, PEAK has captured the trust of over 1,500 independent Financial Advisors and professionals because of the solutions and services that they need to serve their clients well.

So why not you?


Independence according to PEAK is synonymous with success. We measure our success through the achievements of our independent Financial Advisors.


Thanks to its diverse scope, PEAK can open doors to new business opportunities to independent Financial Advisors.


Our expertise is the key to your success. Our expertise is the key to Independent Advice.

  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Represent Independent Advice
  • Technology & Innovation


The mandate of the PEAK network is to assist and support independent Advisors in their business practices, to develop new business relationships and to improve their professional quality of life.


Since its inception, PEAK was founded to gather Advisors interested in working in a full- independent environment with other professionals sharing similar areas of interest within a unique network.
PEAK also acts as an intermediary to help build the PEAK network to create new opportunities for Advisors and to promote Independent Advice.


I am proud to be a part of a group comprised of such amazing people—not producers, but people
Independence according to PEAK, it is success!
" I wanted to go independent, but I didn’t want to go it alone. I have chosen PEAK