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For over 20 years, PEAK's Operations Department has provided the foundation that today supports the efficient processing over 720,000 transactions annually. This wealth of experience means that our team is well-equipped to provide the support that Independent Financial Advisors require to carry out their clients' transactions under the best conditions.

Our operations agents provide processing support that is responsive and relevant to Advisor's practice and client's needs.


For independent Advisors, it is the opportunity of conducting all of their daily operations using a unique platform. Through its acquisitions, the PEAK Financial Group has developed an expertise in a number of operational platforms. This exceptional ability to provide several options to Advisors is further indication of our commitment to support independent practice.



We make tools available to Advisors that are cutting edge, enabling them to offer the best services to their clients while increasing the output of their practice. A full set of tools for analyzing client portfolios, quotes and proposals easily enhances the opportunities available to clients both for investments and for insurance. Our online account consultation tools make life easier for Advisors and their clients!


With over 3,000 mutual funds and countless financial products on the market, finding investments that meet ethical standards is an intricate task. This is why PEAK Financial Group's Compliance Department carries out in-depth product analysis in the search for excellence, before approving any product and making it available to Advisors and their clients. This guarantees a secure and compliant offering.

PEAK meets Advisors' compliance needs with dedicated resources based on in-depth industry knowledge. An expert dedicated full time to PEAK Advisors provides support to prepare for any potential audits by regulatory bodies.

Represent Independent Advice

The financial services industry is continually evolving. New rules relating to the Advisor's business practices emerge regularly. New types of investment are created. As a registered member with regulatory bodies across the country, PEAK defends the interests of Independent Advice. PEAK represents independent Advisors by regularly taking a position in regards to new rules or any major industry events.


PEAK, Chair of the IFIC Board of Directors

Member of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), the PEAK Financial Group is actively involved in decision-making and strategic direction for the industry. We proudly represent Independent Advice.

In 2007, Robert Frances, President and CEO of the PEAK Financial Group, was appointed Chair of the IFIC Board of Directors for 2008.



I am proud to be a part of a group comprised of such amazing people—not producers, but people
Independence according to PEAK, it is success!
" I wanted to go independent, but I didn’t want to go it alone. I have chosen PEAK