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Our commitment
  • We are committed to establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships based on trust.
  • We are committed to sustainable dialogue to ensure continuous support in order to respond and anticipate the needs of Advisors and their clients.
  • We are committed to creating an environment that supports compliant, ethical and integrity-based financial services practices.
PEAK UniK, the PEAK Advisor's single point of contact

PEAK UniK is a team dedicated to PEAK Advisors. We orchestrate the relationship between Advisors and all of PEAK's Departments - every day. PEAK UniK is a full-service concept. We find you the best solutions by coordinating your requests using PEAK's different centers of expertise. PEAK UniK will simplify your life !


Our team of experts

Our teams of specialists have considerable expertise in investments, securities and insurance. They understand the challenges, opportunities and needs of independent Advisors. They are available for personal meetings, calls or any method that assists the Advisor in managing his practice and meeting or exceeding the client's goals.

  • Advice and solutions in wealth management
  • Life insurance
  • Living Benefits
  • Regulations
  • Compliance and supervision
  • Products and sales
  • Succession Plan (Advisors)
  • Practice Management



I am proud to be a part of a group comprised of such amazing people—not producers, but people
Independence according to PEAK, it is success!
" I wanted to go independent, but I didn’t want to go it alone. I have chosen PEAK