Robert Frances has been ranked among Quebec's Top 25 Financial Personalities in 2011

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Robert Frances has been ranked among the top 25 Financial personalities for the year 2011. Published annually since 2000 by the newspaper Finance et Investissement (the Quebec equivalent to Investment Executive), the Top 25 is a review of the past year which highlights the success of various players in the industry. Over the years, it has become a record and important reference in the financial industry.

Although 2011 was a year characterized by economic and political uncertainty, it was a year that brought many opportunities for PEAK Financial Group. This past year, PEAK focused on its Advisors, more specifically, on creating value for Advisors. “The downturn in the stock market allowed us to devote more time to our Advisors and to develop new products that meet their expectations and facilitate their daily work” stated Robert Frances, President and CEO of PEAK Financial Group. Developing a new operational platform, integrating all systems from past acquisitions, making new types of accounts available, improving Advisor Services by offering a centralized and knowledgeable team, hiring a new senior executive are some of the many investments and advancements that were prioritized by the firm.


The PEAK network consisting of Independent financial Advisors, PEAK’s management team and employees have had an influential role in the firm’s success over the past 20 years, as well as helped the firm attain this ranking. The shared beliefs and vision among the PEAK network have become more and more valuable as PEAK’s dominance in the industry continues to grow. Not only is PEAK the only Independent full-service dealer to make the list; PEAK is also being ranked amongst all the large banks and financial institutions. As well, PEAK Financial Group is the proud winner of the 2011 Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the year award in the service business category. Pleased with the outcome of this past year, Robert Frances assures that the organization will pursue the opportunities that present themselves in 2012 and will continue prioritizing growth and innovation.               

With a network of over 1,000 registered professionals and employees in Canada who assist over 135,000 investors, PEAK Financial Group continues to prove that the firm is an influential actor in the financial services industry in Canada.

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