PEAK is listed as leader among full-service dealers in Investment Executive and Finance Investissement’s 2012 dealers’ report card !

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It is with pride that PEAK Financial Group has been ranked as a leader among independent full-service dealers in the newspapers Investment Executive and Finance Investissement’s 2012 dealers’ report card. Published annually, this special bulletin provides insights, rankings and comments collected from Advisors, based on what they have to say about their firms.

Both newspapers indicate very similar results about PEAK and when compared to 2011, the firm has not only seen an increase in the overall rating but has also seen substantial improvements in many categories. PEAK’s management team and employees are proud that the 2012 scores are reflective of the strategies and priorities they have focused on this past year. As well, high scores have been maintained in many key categories, such as: freedom to make objective product choice, Advisor’s relationship with compliance department, firm’s ethics, firm’s stability, freedom and independence, and the firm’s corporate culture, just to name a few.

It is clear from the results that 2011 was a year dedicated to creating value for Advisors by developing a range of tools to facilitate their everyday work. A difference has been apparent in terms of marketing material and support, ongoing training, as well as online visibility due to the launch PEAK’s new public website. The results also show an increase in scores for both technology tools and support for mobile technology which can be explained through PEAK’s initiatives such as the development of a new IIROC operational platform, and the launch of an online client account access to statements. Technology is quickly evolving and PEAK has every intention on adapting to this new environment. As stated by Robert Frances, “the firm is now focused on its online strategy.”

Opening the lines of communication with Advisors has most definitely allowed PEAK to orient itself in a direction aligned with Advisors’ needs and expectations. Robert Frances, President and CEO confirms that “having an open-door policy is really important because Advisors are going through all kinds of changes. And as they do, they need to be close to the dealer.” The high scores received in the two new categories regarding communication and receptiveness to feedback; demonstrate that the firm is headed in the right direction.

With a network of over 1,000 registered professionals and employees in Canada who assist over 135,000 investors, PEAK Financial Group continues to prove that the firm is an influential actor in the financial services industry in Canada.

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