PEAK Financial Group enhances its offering with the addition of portfolio managers and the creation of the division PEAK Private Wealth

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Mr. Robert Frances, President and CEO of PEAK Financial Group, is pleased to announce the arrival of well-known and highly respected portfolio managers as well as the creation of PEAK Securities’ new division : PEAK Private Wealth.

With the creation of the new division PEAK Private Wealth, PEAK Financial Group possesses a unique and specialized offering among the independent multidisciplinary dealers in the industry. Personalized discretionary portfolio management will be provided entirely by PEAK Private Wealth's highly qualified internal portfolio managers. PEAK is once again demonstrating that independence is the key to success for Advisors and their clients.

"PEAK has been offering wealth management services in collaboration with external portfolio managers for 10 years now. With today's announcement, we are clearly strengthening our position in this sector. The arrival of portfolio managers and the creation of the new division represent an opportunity for our Advisors, who can now complement their offering by using the new division's discretionary management services," concluded Robert Frances.

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