PEAK Independent Financial Advisor Rod Tyler’s office named one of Top Independent Offices in Canada

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The Tyler Group was recently featured as one of the Top Outstanding Independent Offices in Canada by Wealth Professional Magazine. This award of excellence is one of the most prestigious business awards, recognizing the independent offices in the country that are finding new and creative ways to better service clients and thrive in the face of increased competition from the banks and large financial corporations.

The Tyler Group an established independent financial planning firm located in Regina, Saskatchewan, serves over 325 families across Canada. Financial advisors Rod Tyler and Al Kimber together have over 60 years of combined experience providing clients with consistent guidance through all kinds of financial environments and individual financial challenges. When asked how The Tyler Group has achieved this record, Al Kimber points to two critical guiding principles of financial success: “Having a written financial plan and avoiding financial fads by using a managed money approach to client’s savings and investments. Those two principles, combined with the advice of a trusted financial advisor and the loyalty of our clients, are the best combination.”

Commenting on the award, Rod Tyler said, “It is an honour for our office to be recognized. In order to achieve this success, Al and I both recognize that is only possible by surrounding yourself with an outstanding team of dedicated colleagues. We are fortunate to have exactly those kind of team members.” Al also mentioned, “In order to succeed and grow any business, you need sufficient revenue to keep reinvesting in your business. The reinvestment could be in your staff, your back office or your software and technology. The Tyler Group has maintained a dedicated, educated and trusted staff over many years. That is certainly the cornerstone on which a high level of client service is possible.”

Robert Frances, President & CEO of PEAK Financial Group, said, “We are delighted to see recognition for the Tyler Group’s unique approach as an Independent Financial Advisor for investors. This office represents the best of Independent Advice and has earned this honour by standing out in the industry. PEAK is proud to have contributed to the Tyler Group’s success for 11 years.”

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