PEAK launches its new AKILA 2.0 trading platform and is positioning itself as the partner of choice for Independent Investment Advisors

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A recognized full-service securities dealer for over 10 years, PEAK Securities is pleased to announce the launch of the new AKILA 2.0 trading platform.

With this industry-leading technology, PEAK Securities is positioning itself among the major players in the securities industry. "Our goal is to be the partner of choice for Independent Investment Advisors," emphasized Robert A. Frances, President and CEO of the PEAK Financial Group. "We have all of the advantages that an Investment Advisor is looking for. For now, we are focusing on new innovations and services that will complement our offering over the coming months," he added.

As a key tool in the PEAK Securities Advisor's business practice, the new AKILA 2.0 trading platform was designed by Advisors for Advisors. "Consultation with PEAK Advisors was paramount. It was important to us to design a platform that was almost custom-made to meet as many of their needs and expectations as possible," said Mark Robinson, Vice President, Operations and Advisor Services.

Over the past few months, new resources have strengthened PEAK’s securities offering. As well as the new technology, Mark Robinson joined PEAK in January 2011. With over 30 years of professional experience within the financial services industry, he served as Vice President of Operations for Penson Financial Services before joining PEAK. "The arrival of Mark Robinson demonstrates our commitment to continuing to develop the PEAK Advisors’ network," said Robert A. Frances.

With industry-leading technologies, a powerful back-office, access to all of the products available on the market with no sales quotasor in-house products, and effective support, PEAK Securities provides an opportunity for Investment Advisors to experience the full power of independence!


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