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Mutual funds

Advisors affiliated with the PEAK Financial Group mutual fund dealer offer their clients access to more than 3,000 mutual funds and a whole host of managed products.

We do not manufacture and promote in-house funds, PEAK offers Advisors the freedom to recommend mutual funds that perfectly meet their clients' financial needs and expectations without pressure.

We make available all of the funds approved for sale in Canada and which have been carefully analyzed and approved by our Compliance Department. The funds from all major mutual fund companies in Canada are accessible.

The extensive list of financial products is completed by investment contracts, guaranteed investment certificates...

Stocks and bonds

Advisors affiliated with PEAK Securities offer their clients access to stocks bonds, tradable securities, as well as mutual funds.

Segregated funds

The segregated funds for more than 20 major insurance companies are offered. Segregated funds guarantee your invested capital. In order to provide the best service and understanding of investments, PEAK provides consolidated statements for segregated funds and other investments.

PEAK Solutions

All-in-one Account

The All-in-one account is a self-directed RRSP or TFSA offering more flexibility and less administration. It allows the investor to have several types of investments from several different fund companies in a master account by signing a single form. 

For more information, we invite clients to contact their PEAK Advisor.

Prospera: a solution for a fee-based practice

PEAK has been a pioneer in designing a solution that enables Advisors to offer their customers fee-based invoicing.

Other accounts
  • Cash accounts;
  • Client Name accounts;
  • Joint accounts;
  • Corporate accounts;
  • Saving product solutions (RRSP, TFSA...);
  • Registered accounts.