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Discretionary management

For lack of time or expertise, you may want to delegate your investment decisions to an expert and free yourself from this day-to-day task. You’ll find that the discretionary approach is one of the best ways of managing your investments without having to spend a lot of time on them.

Your portfolio manager is an investment professional who is accredited by the regulatory authorities to make discretionary decisions. He or she must meet specific training and experience criteria that ensure you have access to a highly qualified, seasoned professional.

With an understanding of your situation and goals, your portfolio manager puts in place a strategy that is in line with your financial plan. Then you can go about your daily routine, knowing that your advisor will handle everything, while keeping you up to date on such matters as daily decisions, rigorous portfolio monitoring, periodic rebalancing and performance reports.

Advantages of discretionary management

  1. Personalized framework
  2. Your portfolio manager considers your situation, needs, priorities and goals to establish your management strategy. You receive personalized services that are adapted to you.

  3. Delegation of daily decisions
  4. Discretionary management enables the portfolio manager to make investment decisions within the parameters specified in your investment policy. In this way, he or she can respond rapidly to market opportunities without having to contact you each time.

  5. Fee-based compensation
  6. Compensation based on fees calculated as a percentage of assets under management ensures you receive objective, impartial advice. Your best interests are served, and the portfolio manager is compensated for his expertise.

  7. Constant communication
  8. Your portfolio manager will make a long-term commitment to you. He or she will always be available, maintaining regular contact throughout your relationship. You will have a trusted advisor who will support and guide you over the years.

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