Working with an advisor

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Why a PEAK Advisor?

The same passion defines all Independent Advisors affiliated with PEAK: to offer advice and recommendations in an impartial way and to provide their clients with services perfectly tailored to their needs. Their independence ensures that you will have access to all of the products on the market approved for sale in Canada. PEAK does not impose sales quotas on Advisors and does not market any in-house products. This means your PEAK Advisor focuses on your needs, without any conflicts or quotas to sell specific products.
PEAK effectively supports Financial Advisors in their daily business, offering them appropriate and value-added solutions to grow their business and freeing their time so that they can dedicate it to their clients.
Where Independence meets Integrity. PEAK offers a framework that is compliant with the strictest standards for ethics and prudence. PEAK strictly supervises accounts and investments made by Advisors on behalf of their clients.
Each PEAK Advisor is unique. With more than one thousand PEAK professionals across Canada, each client can find an Advisor who truly meets their personal expectations. The PEAK Advisor offers his/her clients a business relationship and a long-term commitment. Your PEAK Advisor is your real business partner.