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independent DEALER in canada
30 years
of independent financial advice
in assets under administration
PEAK Advisors and employees

I like the fact that PEAK is trying to look forward into what our market needs right now, what we need right now, what our clients need. They look forward and try to give us all the tools that we need so that we can provide our clients with the best there is out there.

nathalie richard

6 years being a peak advisor

Unleash your inner entrepreneur.

Join the 1,500 PEAK Advisors across Canada


It is essential for any entrepreneur to be able to bring unique business practices to life. Shape your practice with PEAK's platform offering.


From transitioning to PEAK, to growing your business and to succession planning, a dedicated support team is right by your side.

State-of-the-art Technology

We help you innovate and rethink the way you do business. You can leverage technological advances to focus on your customers, be more productive and grow your business.

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what we do

Inspire and empower Advisors to make a real difference in people's lives.

It’s time to go further and aim much higher. We offer you all the opportunities to lift you and your clients to the top and stay there.For you, it is a way of building for the future, a fresh start.
For us, it’s the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Are you ready? We are.

Bring your independence to life with the PEAK experience.

Manage your practice without the pressure of sales objectives and without in-house products. Work to the benefit of your clients through our openness to all financial products approved in Canada and our forward-looking decision to provide access to ETFs and PTFs in group savings practices.

Nurture your inspiration with the large family of independent Advisors.

Across Canada, PEAK has an inspiring array of opportunities to connect with a network of professionals who share not only the same aspirations, but also the same reality.

No limits. Create your future.


Take advantage of acquisition opportunities to expand your well-established practice.


Prepare the new generation to better enjoy life.

From coast to coast.
Team up with a solid, visionary partner.

1,500 advisors
150,000 investors
6 acquisitions
13 billion in assets under administration
30 years in business

Get Support.

From transitioning to PEAK, to growing your business and to succession planning, a dedicated support team is right by your side.

Find your balance.

Organize your schedule according to your reality. Take control of your practice and free up time to enjoy the little pleasures of life.


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Join the 1,500 PEAK Advisors across Canada

Unleash your inner entrepreneur. Join PEAK.

This is the beginning of a partnership meant to lead you to your success.