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Pour toute question concernant vos placements, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseiller PEAK.

Planning your financial goals

The secret to success is good planning. This is also true for your finances! Whether you are at the beginning of your career or at the dawn of retirement, your PEAK Advisor helps you achieve your ambitions by establishing a plan that suits you. By taking the time to get to know you and to follow the evolution of your journey, you are in good hands to carry out your life projects.


You work hard to accumulate a level of wealth that will allow you to make your dreams come true. You need a trusted partner to make it grow. You expect personalized advice and outstanding service, as well as access to a wide range of distinct opportunities that can help you and your family achieve your financial goals. That is where we come in.Your PEAK Advisor [1] does not only offer you investment solutions; he or she studies your financial affairs to propose the best strategies. Through regular discussions with your Advisor, you can determine the investments that best meet your needs and expectations. Your Advisor is not subject to any sales objectives and will give you access to the full range of approved Canadian products [2], without any in-house products.

Discretionary management

As the years go by, you want to make the most of them. Your financial life is complicated, so you need both profitable and personal financial advice. We can help you streamline and simplify the way you access your money.Through discretionary management services, you can delegate your management decisions to your PEAK Portfolio Manager [3] who will align your investment strategy with your financial plan, allowing you to spend less time managing your investments, to enjoy what really matters to you.

Private wealth management

Life brings its share of challenges. When it comes to your wealth, how do you manage your assets so that they generate the best results based on your personal situation? How do you manage your taxes, business strategy, estate planning and charitable donations to make them meaningful to you and your family? We know that managing your wealth can be challenging, which is why your PEAK Portfolio Manager [4] covers all aspects of your situation to properly identify and organize your needs so that you can derive maximum benefit from a customized approach.

Insurance coverage

We would all like to anticipate the unpredictable, but life occasionally has surprises in store for us. Even though we still haven't figured out how to solve this mystery, our Advisors can meet your needs to ensure your peace of mind and the protection [5] of your loved ones.

Mortgage services

Buying a property is an important step in our lives. Borrowing plays an important role in this process. PEAK has relationships with several institutions who can offer you mortgage and lending products.Our external mortgage service partners can assist you throughout the process. They will make sure they have global understanding of your financing needs and help you define a strategic approach, within the context of your assets. They will offer you a wide range of solutions to provide you with customized financing.

[1] Related to PEAK Investment Services Inc. or PEAK Securities Inc.
[2] Approved Canadian products include, but are not limited to, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, platform-traded funds, stocks and bonds, segregated funds and guaranteed investment certificates. These products are accessible through the various entities of the PEAK Financial Group. The range of financial products may vary depending on the licence held by the PEAK Advisor.
[3] Your Portfolio Manager is attached to PEAK Securities Inc. and is an investment professional who can make discretionary decisions within a specific mandate that you will define with him/her. He also meets specific criteria for training and investment experience. You have access to a highly qualified and experienced professional who will orchestrate day-to-day decisions, the rigorous monitoring of your portfolio and its periodic rebalancing.
[4] Your Portfolio Manager is attached to PEAK Securities Inc.
[5] Insurance products include, but are not limited to, term life insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, mortgage life insurance, accident and sickness insurance, long-term care, critical illness and disability insurance, private health insurance, travel insurance and expatriate insurance.

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