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The PEAK spirit is above all a strong family spirit. Find the inspiration you need every day to achieve great things by being cared for and supported.

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Move Forward with a Strong Partner
Continue your journey with a stable and solid firm. Born from a bold idea almost 30 years ago, PEAK has continued to innovate, grow and prove that its vision and business models are winning. Today, more than 130 employees across Canada are at the heart of PEAK's success.
Surpass Yourself
Each new challenge is an opportunity to surpass yourself. You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and you are not lacking in boldness. Move ideas forward.
Join a Best Employer
PEAK has earned the prestigious Kincentric Best Employer in Canada award in 2020.

We have been distinguished in three categories: Leadership, Engagement and Talent focus.
Grow with Us
We believe that individual growth also promotes the growth of the company. At PEAK, personal and professional development opportunities come from hiring and training. Students are also encouraged to share their aspirations so that we can consider assigning them relevant tasks.
Embrace innovation. Explore new ways of doing things and work with new technologies. Keep on learning and stay curious.
Give Meaning to Your Career
Be part of a responsible team that promotes excellence, teamwork, a desire to learn and humility to make the dreams of thousands of Canadians a reality every day.

Working at PEAK

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Throughout the year, our Social Committee organizes various events that take into account your preferences: get-togethers during the festive season, summertime celebrations, cocktail receptions and more!


PEAK employees have access to a complete and flexible selection of benefits, including an employee assistance program. You don’t want to exercise at the office? We will contribute to your membership at any other training centre.


In order for everyone in the company to be aware of their role and how they are helping PEAK achieve its ambitious business objectives, we believe that feedback and open conversations are essential.


We offer many resources to keep your portfolio healthy, including personalized financial advice and a preferential mortgage rate.

Job Postings

Guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) Agent, Operations

(Entry level) - (Full-Time) - Montreal, QC, CA

September 8, 2021

The guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) agent is responsible for processing all GIC related transactions including registration and transfers.

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Consultant, Compliance

(Associate) - (Full-Time) - Montreal, QC, CA

September 8, 2021

You will be called upon to contribute to the design, deployment and coordination of the compliance framework and compliance with regulations.

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Trade Surveillance Specialist

(Associate) - (Full-Time) - Montreal, QC, CA

September 8, 2021

You will be responsible for head office supervision of trading activities conducted by PEAK Investments Services Advisors or PEAK Securities Advisors across Canada.

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Transfers Agent, Operations

(Entry Level) - (Full-Time and Contract) - Montreal, QC, CA

September 8, 2021

You will be responsible of executing the daily transfers on all back-office systems (3 platforms) for registered and non-registered accounts as well as processing the GIC transfers and re-registrations.

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Senior Administrator Securities - Operations

(Associate) - (Full-Time) - Montreal, QC, CA

September 8, 2021

You will be participating in a team that ensures bonds and equities trades are correctly entered followed by the daily Settlement of trades.

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Internal auditor - establishments

(Associate) - (Full-Time) - QC

June 15, 2021

Working closely with the internal audits team, you will be responsible for regulatory compliance reviews of the branches and sub-branches of PEAK Investment Services entities across Canada.

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Agent, Accounts Opening

(Entry level) - (6 months contract) - Montreal, QC

June 14, 2021

Working in the accounts opening team, you will be responsible for opening and updating client accounts and any related task within the regulatory requirements.

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Representative, Advisor Services

(Associate) - (Full-Time) - Montreal, QC,CA

May 27, 2021

Working closely with the services team, you will be the main source of contact with PEAK Advisors and will provide an efficient, comprehensive and professional service at all times.

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Transactions Agent

(Contract/Full-Time) - Montreal, QC, CA

April 23, 2021

Working with the transaction team, you will be responsible for all trade activities carried out by PEAK advisors. You will also be called upon to ensure the efficient processing of all types of trades within the prescribed deadlines, while adhering to industry

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