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December 11, 2023

PEAK Financial Group Wins the Prestigious Best Employer Award in Canada for the Fourth Time

PEAK Financial Group, partner of independent financial advisors and Canada’s leading independent dealer, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by Kincentric as a Best Employer in Canada for the fourth year, adding to the awards received in 2016, 2020 and 2022.

This recognition attests to PEAK’s ongoing commitment to excellence in the workplace, employee satisfaction and an exceptional professional environment.

Robert Frances, President and CEO, commented, “We are honoured to be recognized once again as a Best Employer in Canada by Kincentric in 2023. This distinction reflects our company’s commitment to the well-being of our employees, promotion of a sustainable employment culture and investment in professional development, demonstrating that we are putting our core values of human, independence, integrity and innovation into practice every day.”

Kincentric’s rigorous methodology assessed various aspects, including management vision, growth opportunities, compensation and benefits and overall employee satisfaction. Kincentric Best Employers stand out from other organizations on measurable indices. PEAK has distinguished itself both nationally and in the financial industry in the following areas, surpassing the average of Canadian firms. 

1. Engagement: Employees not only speak positively about their organization but also rarely consider other opportunities, and they actively commit to contributing to its success. More significantly, they are fully invested in the company’s groundbreaking initiatives, such as innovation, technological solutions for advisor practices, support for advisor growth, active involvement in the industry, including representation on the CIRO’S Board of Directors and participation in several committees.  

2. Agility: Employees notice their organization’s remarkable adaptability, innovative spirit, commitment to inclusion, and responsiveness to  changing advisor needs.

3. Engaging Leadership: Leaders at PEAK are closely linked to employees, stimulating engagement by sharing a clear vision and demonstrating strong personal values.

4. Talent focus: Employees recognize the organization’s strong focus on attracting and retaining advisors, creating an inspiring environment that encourages every employee to excel.

Receiving the Kincentric Best Employer award goes beyond recognition; it is the assurance that PEAK stands out in creating an exceptional workplace, focused on the well-being of its employees and the success of independent financial advisors and their clients.

About PEAK:

PEAK Financial Group is a leader in financial services in Canada. With a strong belief in independence, the company works with over 1,500 registered advisors and passionate employees across the country. With a diverse client base of 150,000 investors from coast to coast, PEAK has maintained a leading position in the industry for over 30 years while remaining true to its core values and mission.

PEAK’s commitment to national leadership includes the active participation of Robert Frances, President and CEO, as a member of the CIRO Board of Directors. PEAK’s pride lies in its sustained investment in innovation, with the allocation of significant resources aimed at revolutionizing the practices and development of PEAK advisors.

PEAK's core values also revolve around humanity. This synergy between human-centered values and cutting-edge technological advancements empowers advisors and shapes the future of financial practices.

With $13.5 billion in assets under administration, PEAK positions itself as a true catalyst for success for independent financial advisors and their clients, embodying excellence and innovation at every stage of its journey.


About Kincentric:

Kincentric, a global human resources consulting firm, is recognized for its expertise in evaluating and recognizing outstanding employers around the world.

The prestigious Kincentric Best Employer award is not only an objective recognition; it is based on global consistency backed by over 50 years of in-depth employee research globally. This represents a large sample of 4,000 organizations over the past 5 years, and a global database of no less than 15 million employees.

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