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March 26, 2024

PEAK Advisor Alain Rioux Honoured with Meritorious Service Medal.

PEAK Advisor Alain Rioux Honoured with Meritorious Service Medal for Exemplary Service and Community Involvement.


At PEAK, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We strive to cultivate a collaborative environment that empowers our advisors to shine, enabling them to deliver financial solutions to their clients with transparency and independence, and also supporting them in all facets of their lives, using the principle of independence as a cornerstone for progress across various domains.

Today, we are honoured to spotlight the remarkable achievements of Alain Rioux, a PEAK advisor for over 20 years in the greater Quebec City area. Alain's commitment goes beyond his professional endeavors; his exceptional community involvement has not only earned him widespread recognition and distinction but also culminated in one of Canada's highest honours. In a ceremony held in Ottawa on Thursday morning, March 21, 2024, Alain was awarded the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal of Canada for his extraordinary social involvement.

The medal was awarded to Alain by the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon. His long-standing dedication to service exemplifies the values we cherish at PEAK, and we are extremely proud to recognize his well-deserved honour.

Robert Frances, President and CEO of PEAK, is extremely proud of this recognition given to Alain, as is the entire PEAK family: "At PEAK, we value passion and commitment beyond professional boundaries, and Alain embodies this spirit, inspiring us all with his dedication."

Alain's journey of community involvement began in 1998 at Pignon Bleu, a community organization dedicated to ensuring the food security of children and families in Quebec City. At the young age of 26, he recognized the pressing need to address the issue, especially considering the alarming statistic of 3,000 children in Quebec who were not receiving adequate nutrition at the time—a number that has since escalated to over 11,000. Today, as we near the completion of Pignon Bleu's new production kitchen, we reflect on the significant impact of Alain's involvement.

Throughout his tenure with the organization, Alain became an honorary member after a decade of dedicated service. However, the pinnacle of his community involvement came when he assumed the role of president for the fundraising campaign for this monumental project—a project that will finally be completed in 2024. This ambitious endeavour involves constructing a kitchen facility, similar to the size of a gymnasium, which will provide daily nourishment to over 11,000 children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in our city.

The journey to this point has been longer and more demanding than anticipated, particularly with the challenges posed by the pandemic, inflation and the escalating poverty rates over the past three years. Yet, despite these obstacles, the collective effort persevered. The imminent realization of this essential production kitchen, vital to the children of Pignon Bleu, fills us all with immense pride.

"Receiving the Meritorious Service Medal of Canada is undoubtedly a touching honour for me. However, what truly matters to me is the lasting impact we'll leave behind for those disadvantaged families struggling in life," remarked Alain. "I dare to believe that we will make a significant difference for all these children, ensuring they have three meals every school day throughout the year."

In unity, there is strength—Alain's colleagues from PEAK are also actively engaged in noble deeds: "Denis Brown and I reach out to our advisors in the Quebec City region every year for Operation Christmas Gift in December. About 200 children (aged 6to 12), along with several PEAK advisors, each select $100 worth of gifts. Then, the following weekend, these same advisors each deliver one of the 200 Christmas baskets, valued at $500 apiece, to a family supported by Pignon Bleu."

As we reflect on Alain's remarkable journey and the impact of his contributions, we are reminded of the importance of compassion, empathy and solidarity in building a brighter future for all. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

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