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August 30, 2023


PEAK Financial Group has once again secured the top position at the national level in the category of full-service and mutual fund dealers according to the 2023 Investment Executive Dealers’ Report Card, with a score of 8.5 out of 10. To conduct these evaluations, Investment Executive surveyed advisors across all of Canada, including Quebec. The results are equally positive on the Finance and Investment side, where PEAK upheld its score following four successive years of improvement, achieving a score of 8.4 out of 10 with no significant decrease in each of the categories evaluated.

PEAK’s management team and employees take pride in the outcomes of strategies and priorities implemented in the past year. The company earned impressive ratings in several pivotal categories:

Client Interface: Across both rankings, PEAK secured high ratings for the excellence of its client interfaces. This accomplishment resulted in securing the leading position in Investment Executive's ranking. Furthermore, PEAK viewed a0.5-point increase in the Finance and Investment ranking. The extensive transformation of the client experience through the MyPEAK Online portal played a crucial role in propelling this advancement.

Technology & Solution for Fee-Based Advisors: PEAK’s model received high ratings in both the Finance and Investment rankings as well as the Investment Executive assessment. In contrast to other dealers in the sector, this model, distinguished by the transparency of its fee structures and their ease of comprehension, accentuates the amplitude of PEAK’s services tailored to clients, along with the fundamental value they deliver.

Infrastructure and Assistance for Back-Office Operations: PEAK holds the first position in Investment Executive's ranking, complemented by a robust standing in the Finance and Investment assessment.

Vision, Values and Corporate Culture: PEAK’s commitment to independence and the strategic trajectory of the company is once again evident in the rankings, where PEAK commands the foremost position. This trend resonates across other vital domains where PEAK is leading:

·       Autonomy to make independent decisions

·       Excellence in offerings

·       Strategic business alignment

·       Guidance by the entire management team


Within the "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" category, PEAK distinguishes itself by reaching the number one position. Diversity, a cornerstone of PEAK’s culture, plays a pivotal role. Notably, women comprise 50% of PEAK’s leadership panel, while 60% of our workforce is composed of women.

For more than 30 years, PEAK has remained unwavering in its commitment to growth and to maintaining its status as Canada's foremost proponent of truly independent financial advice for advisors and their clients.

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